Singapore mangroves

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How much mangroves are left in Singapore?
What mangrove species can be found in Singapore?

The Current Status of Mangrove Forests in Singapore
For the latest distribution of mangroves and full list of recorded species of true mangroves in Singapore by the leading mangrove experts in Singapore.
YANG Shufen , Rachel L. F. LIM , SHEUE Chiou-Rong & Jean W. H. YONG
Proceedings of Nature Society, Singapore’s Conference on ‘Nature Conservation for a Sustainable Singapore’ – 16th October 2011. Pg. 99–120,%202013.%20Singapore%20Mangroves.pdf

The Present Extent of Mangrove Forest in Singapore
How much mangroves are left in Singapore? With An easier-to-digest summary on wild shores of singapore blog
A. T. K. Yee, W. F. Ang, S. Teo, S. C. Liew and H. T. W. Tan NATURE IN SINGAPORE 2010 3: 139–145 24 June 2010

History of Singapore's mangroves

Mandai mangroves: Lessons for Southeast Asia’s mangroves
About what we can learn from Mandai mangroves and a fascinating insights into the people who lived in our mangroves, an easier-to-digest summary on wild shores of singapore blog
Mandai mangrove, Singapore: Lessons for the conservation of Southeast Asia’s mangroves.
D. A. Friess, J. Phelps, R. C. Leong, W. K. Lee, A. K. S. Wee, N. Sivasothi, R. R. Y. Oh and E. L. Webb. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 2012 Supplement 25

Mangrove ID fact sheets and guidesheets

Comparative Guide to Mangroves by JWH Yong

Blue Mangrove Flora ID sheet by Prof Jean (John) Yong
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BP guidebook to Mangroves of Singapore: Flora and Fauna
Online version

Wild Factsheets on wildsingapore
mangrove plants:

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