Saturday, 22 April 2017

29 April (Sat): FREE Ubin Mangrove tour with R.U.M.!

Want to know more about the amazing mangroves on Pulau Ubin? Interested in learning about kampung culture? Come join the volunteers of the Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative as they share about Ubin's awesome mangroves and culture with you on this free tour!

A fun walk for everyone!

This leisurely walk starting from Ubin Town introduces nearby mangroves and its wildlife, as well as Ubin people and kampung culture.

All are welcome! The event is free, but registration is required as there are limited slots. Register online now!

Date: 29 April (Sat)
Time: 10.30am to about 12.30pm
Meeting point: Gather at No. 42, Uncle Lim's shop at Ubin Town, 3min walk from the Ubin Jetty.
Do support him by getting your supplies at his shop (drinks, repellent, sunblock, etc)!
More about Uncle Lim's shop. How to get to Pulau Ubin

Uncle Lim's shop has many colourful umbrellas in front of it!

Please read on for more details about the walk.

What is the walk about?
It's about Ubin and having fun learning about nature and mangroves, and the people and culture of Ubin. We also share about Ecological Mangrove Restoration at Pulau Ubin.

All are welcome! Please note that children coming for the walk are to be accompanied by parent/guardian.

Route includes earthen trails (not suitable for prams or wheelchairs). Route is about 3km.

In case of heavy rain, the walk may be delayed but not cancelled. The walk continues in light rain if there is no lightning.

Wear light breatheable clothing, long pants and long sleeves help protect from insect bites.

Sturdy comfortable walking shoes or hiking sandals for most of our walk along paved road and earthern trails.

Bring hat, a raincoat, sunblock and insect repellent, or support Uncle Lim and buy them at his shop.

Please note: There are no ATMs on Pulau Ubin and businesses don't accept credit cards. So be sure to withdraw cash from the Changi Village ATMs (hawker centre, Seven-Eleven, Cheers).

What else can you do on Pulau Ubin?
Spend a slow day on this unspoilt island among the last kampungs on Singapore! Have an Ubin home-style meal, go cycling or just enjoy the kampung life before our evening walk.
More about restaurants at Pulau Ubin
More about what to see and do on Pulau Ubin

Let's have fun exploring Singapore's last kampung!

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