Wednesday 18 September 2019

After Action Report: September 2019 R.U.M. Beach and Mangrove Cleanup

Volunteers with Nature Society Singapore for Restore Ubin Mangrove Initiative (RUM) were at RUM Site 1 for a beach and mangrove cleannup last Sunday evening (15 September). A total of 113.2kg of trash and marine debris were removed from the site. This cleanup is an effort to clear marine debris accumilation from the site in preparation for mangrove restoration. At the same time, participants get to visit the site and learn about RUM and the ecological mangrove restoration method. (What is Ecological Mangrove Restoration?)

Last Sunday's cleanup is also held in conjunction with International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) which is an annual coastal cleanup event held around the world in the month of September.

Volunteers, in teams of three or four worked non-stop for an hour as there was noticeably more trash compared to the last cleanup.  While the trash could come from human activities on the site itself, it could also be increased due to the Southwest Monsoon which sees most south-facing beaches on Singapore getting more marine trash this time of the year.

The sight that greeted volunteers upon entering the site. (Photo by Vincent Choo)

(Photo by Lisa Lim)

Volunteers picked up a lot of drink cans, plastic bottles, plastic and foam food packaging, and many unpaired shoes. There were also many plastic pieces such as parts of toys, household items and personal care items. 20kg of abandoned fishing nets and gear was also removed from this site. Everything picked up was carefully recorded in an ICC datacard given to each team.

(Photo by Lisa Lim)
Fishing net and ropes that were picked up. (Photo by Lisa Lim)

Bagged trash are weighed to get the total weight of trash removed today. (Photo by Liz Lim)

Thank you volunteers for your enthusiasm, energy and hard work, and for coming to the cleanup despite the slightly hazy conditions. A note of thanks to Nparks for providing the boat and van transport.

Thanks also to the regular facilitators (Freddy, Martell, Vincent, Liz, Blossom, Evangeline, As Ma, Boon, Mona) and especially, thanks to Lisa Lim for organizing and leading the cleanup.

More photos of the event:

Lisa Lim's Album
Vincent Choo's Album

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