Monday, 27 September 2021

R.U.M.'s Sungei Durian project in the news!

Minister Desmond Lee announced R.U.M.'s project as part of “nature-based solutions” to build the resilience of Singapore’s coastlines at Pulau Ubin, during the Festival of Biodiversity (Sep 2021). 
R.U.M.'s work was decribed as a "mangrove restoration project at Sungei Durian, located along Pulau Ubin’s southern coastline."

Minister said: "We will be embarking on two new and more extensive coastal protection projects in Pulau Ubin. These will be carried out in partnership with the community: one at the northern coastline, and the other in the south, at Sungei Durian," 

"This will restore the island's coastlines and mangrove habitats, and bring back more of the island's rich biodiversity by addressing ongoing erosion and habitat loss."

"As for the southern coast of Ubin, NParks said it will be working with scientists, volunteers and marine conservation groups to assess how abandoned aquaculture ponds there can be made into richer mangrove habitats.

Even though the ponds have been fallow for years, mangrove has regenerated in only the shallower parts of the ponds, which can reach depths of 5m.NParks said possible strategies could include elevating the pond beds and improving water flow to ensure a steady supply of mangrove propagules (or young mangrove plants) from mature plants. "This will help produce a self-sustaining ecosystem," said NParks.

Further technical assessments, planning and detailed designs are ongoing, with plans to begin works in 2023.

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