Monday, 24 July 2017

Mangrove fun with R.U.M. at Ubin Day 2017!

The Restore Ubin Mangrove Initiative (R.U.M.) had a real blast at this year's Ubin Day!
Our Ministers love mangroves too!
The enthusiastic RUMblers made their way to Ubin bright and early to share about mangroves with the visitors!
The RUMblers are in!
At the RUM booth, we shared about the Ecological Mangrove Restoration method, and how we hope to use it to naturally restore mangroves at abandoned aquaculture ponds on Pulau Ubin.

We had cool mangrove specimens, tasty food from the mangroves, mangrove fact sheets and more on display at the R.U.M. mangrove booth! We also gave out FREE mangrove colouring sheets!
Let's learn about mangroves!
Photo by Johnson Ong
We were also glad to have an amazing group of Secondary 4 students from the Nanyang Girls' High School (NYGH) Capstone team volunteering to help R.U.M. for Ubin Day. Not only were they enthusiastic helpers, they were also great performers! When the VIPs came to the R.U.M. booth, the young ladies performed an awesome mangrove skit to illustrate Ecological Mangrove Restoration and how it allows Mother Nature to do the planting! Bravo!
Feelin' mangroovy;)

We were glad to be able to meet so many visitors and share about mangroves at our mangrove booth!
Our VIPs learning about mangroves.

Lisa Lim shares her mangrove stories!

Our most inquisitive visitor of the day!
Photo by Lisa Lim

Photo by Lisa Lim
A big shout out to the cleaning workers who came to visit our booth! They were curious to know about the mangrove propagules and animals they had seen while cleaning around the mangrove areas. Thank you for keeping Ubin clean!
Liz shares about our mangrove specimens
Photo by Lisa Lim

Photo by Lisa Lim
The R.U.M. mangrove photobooth was also very popular with everyone! Check out our album of the photos taken here!
Say cheese!
Photo by Lisa Lim
Our FREE mangrove tours were also a hit! The tours were led by our knowledgeable guides Prof. Dan Friess, Wei Kit and Cheryl Lao, and introduced visitors to Ubin's mangroves.
Prof. Dan Friess and Rui Xiang, ready to go!
During the tour, our guides explained about the importance of mangroves, not only to the environment, but also as a source of food and income for Ubin's fishermen. They also shared about how R.U.M. plans to help regrow the mangroves at abandoned aquaculture ponds on Ubin using ecological mangrove restoration.
Wei Kit teaching visitors about the importance of Ubin's Mangroves.
Photo by Dhivya Priya

Prof. Dan Friess shares with visitors about R.U.M.
Photo by Liz Lim

Cheryl Lao explaining how mangroves are an important source of food for us.
All in all, we are glad to have been able to reach out to all the amazing visitors who came to visit. Thank you for coming, and we hope you had fun learning with us! A big thank you as well to all the volunteers who came to support R.U.M. , we couldn't have done it without you!
The volunteers who make R.U.M. possible!
Photo by Lisa Lim

Photos by Ria Tan.

Photos by MJ Mohammad.

Photos by OS Han uploaded on MJ Mohammad's facebook.

Photos by Minister Desmond Lee.

Photos of the FREE mangrove tour by Liz Lim.

Photos by Lisa Lim.

Photos by Chay Hoon.

Photos by Chen Xi

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